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About Video


About page videos help your prospective clients to really get to know you and what your about. When you communicate that you have their best interests at heart that prospective client is going to choose you over someone they are not sure about.
These videos are designed to build familiarity and trust.
They focus on operating principles and core drives.
There are many factors that come into the decision making process of a prospective client, definitely one of the factors with a great deal of weight is that of familiarity. By utilising the convenience of video we can boost familiarity very quickly.

Prices range from $300 – $500

  • Record at in house studio
  • Record at your location
  • Script preparation


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  • About Us

    Logo FlipBased in Perth, south of the river we are a video production marketing company.

    If a picture is worth 1000 words then a video is worth 1000 pictures. What we do is get into the perspective of the audience you want to promote to and strategize your video production from there.

    Marketing videos made by someone who knows how to market makes sense.